Sensei Omohundro began Aikido training in San Diego, CA in 1992. Over the years, he has trained under the guidance of Chiba Sensei, Burns Sensei, and Peterson Sensei as a member of Birankai North America. His service to his country as a U.S. Marine has given him opportunity to train and help teach in dojos across the country including New River Aikikai, NC and Joshua’s Forge, CA. Omohundro Sensei is recognized as a YonDan (4th Degree Black Belt) by both Birankai North America and the International Aikido Federation. Omohundro Sensei is a certified instructor with Birankai North America.


Training Philosophy

Sensei Omohundro's approach to Aikido focuses on the teachings of Chiba Sensei and the curriculum of Birankai North America.  We feel that Aikido is a truly defensive Martial Art that needs to be cultivated into the body, mind, and spirit.  Our focus remains constant; Be prepared for a confrontation.  Living Well Aikido is dedicated to helping achieve a true understanding of Aikido as a method to avoid confrontation.  Our Goal is to learn to protect ourselves and our family.  Living Well Aikido remains a small and focused group of like minded practitioners dedicated to learning Aikido.  Only through committed training does the body and mind transform into our desired expectations.  

We do not believe in long term payment plans.  Students pay monthly.  

Living Well Aikido is not for everyone.  To see if our training is right for you, please contact us.